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What We Do: As the one and only print publication in the entire world that focuses on the excitement of cabaret — its music, its performers, its songwriters, and the clubs in which the magic happens — Cabaret Scenes magazine and this web site are increasingly crucial to the art form, its careerists and its audiences as other print media reduce their attention to cabaret or eliminate it entirely.

How We Do It: We print thousands of complimentary copies of each issue and deliver them for their patrons to venues across the country. Additional personal copies of each issue are mailed to Cabaret Foundation donors, together making our magazine and its website the vital link between cabaret’s performers, musicians, songwriters and the public.

Why We Do it: Because we love both the music and the exhilaration of live performances. We do it because we want those who, like us — like you — appreciate the unique pleasure of cabaret shows and want to know more about the art and the artists they cherish. We do it because we believe there are multitudes of others to reach and introduce to cabaret so they also experience the pleasure of that special relationship, the music, the charm of the performance and the warmth of the venues.

What’s ahead: A continuing stream of interesting features, photos, insightful reviews and provocative opinion pieces from our staff writers and others across the country and abroad. Discounts to shows at participating venues. A revitalized website, with video interviews of cabaret folk you should know and clips of performances added to the critical reviews of shows and CDs our viewers are familiar with. Plus tablet and smartphone access that’s already in the works and shortly to leave the starting gate.

How you can make a difference: Become a supporter with your tax-deductible contribution to the foundation. The foundation receives no government or corporate support, depending on contributions from cabaret enthusiasts like you. Donors of $50 or more receive personal copies of the magazine for the ensuing year. All contributions, no matter how modest, help us in our work. They make possible printing and distributing the complimentary copies to venues across the country. They return to the donors the satisfaction of knowing that each contribution aids the foundation’s tireless reporting on and publicizing this truly unique, intimate, and vibrant realm of live entertainment, those who pursue it as a career, and the venues in which they share their talents.

Cabaret Scenes magazine is a publication of CABARET SCENES LTD., a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation incorporated in the State of New York.

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…Peter Leavy, Publisher

CABARET SCENES LTD. is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation incorporated in the State of New York. It is an arts and educational organization dedicated to stimulating and promoting public interest in The Great American Songbook, its composers, lyricists, singers, musical directors, arrangers, venues — and The New American Songbook’s performers, composers and lyricists. CABARET SCENES LTD focuses on the historical development of Cabaret, fostering an awareness and appreciation of its impact on our culture by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting an archive for a global audience. We honor those who have made outstanding contributions to Cabaret, The Great American Songbook and The New American Songbook, including Musical Theater and Jazz vocalists.

Become a donor with a tax-deductible contribution to CABARET SCENES LTD. You will receive ten issues of Cabaret Scenes magazine and the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution helps to support CABARET SCENES LTD’s tireless nurturing of this intimate, unique and vibrant aspect of live entertainment and those who pursue it as a career.